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Attorney Gregory Revord has announced that he is seeking popular election to the office of Prosecuting Attorney for Alger County. Revord has been working in private practice for nearly 10 years serving Alger and Marquette counties.

"Many of the citizens of Alger County are ready for a change at the prosecutors office. This is the first time that voters will have a meaningful choice of who the prosecutor will be since the time Mark Luoma was appointed to the position 18 years ago. He has run unopposed the entire time, " Revord stated. "I am well qualified for the position with a major part of my practice focused on criminal, juvenile and probate matters. I have represented many clients, over the years, on matters with varying levels of complexity and feel that I have an excellent background to bring to the office of the Prosecuting Attorney. Criminal Law, like all other areas of the law, is dynamic and ever changing. I have worked to maintain a high level of current awareness of the status of the law, and I am proud to be able to offer this to Alger County. Additionally, I am very familiar with technology and its ever enlarging role in the legal environment. I make sure that my firm is current on the law. I use the latest technology to monitor changes in the law, to administer my office and I am experienced in it's use in the courtroom."

Revord is a trustee on the Munising Board of Education and also serves on four committees of the Board: Elementary Curriculum; Middle School Curriculum; High School Curriculum; and Technology. During his term on the Board of Education, Revord has distinguished himself by becoming the first board member on the Munising Board to receive Certification by the Michigan Association of School Boards within the first year of service. He has additionally received the distinguished "Award of Merit" for his service and efforts in developing himself as an effective advocate for education.

Revord is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Marquette Alger Resolution Service. This organization is administered by the State Court Administrators Office as a program to provide voluntary dispute resolution as an alternative to the judicial process. He is also a past president of the Board of Trustees for the Munising United Methodist Church.

"I have a strong sense of community service as is evidenced by my involvement in community service groups. I think that I have a lot to offer the Citizens of Alger County and am looking forward to having the opportunity to serve."

Revord and his wife Sheryl (formerly Swajanen) live in Munising with their children Heather and Emily