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My candidacy for the Office of Alger County Prosecuting Attorney represents a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I am an attractive candidate to them for a variety of different and individual reasons. These reasons are probably not the same as the reasons that I am compelled to run.

For the education of the reader of this note, my reasons for running for this office can be summed up by stating that this is the right thing for me to do at this point in my life. When I finished with Law School, I had a desire to return home to practice law with my father. I have done this since my wife and I returned to Munising. I have enjoyed the time that I have spent in private practice with my father, but have been feeling a growing desire to move away from this venture and to be recognized for my own value. The move to the Prosecutors Office is attractive to me for this reason. Addtionally, two years ago, I ran for and was elected to the Munising School District Board of Education. During my tenure on the Board of Education, I have found public service to be enormously satisfying and have invested a rather significant amount of time in this effort. In actuality, the degree of my personal involvement has grown to draw time away from my professional practice. I am attracted to the position of the Prosecuting Attorney for Alger County because this position would allow me to "marry" my desire to perform full time community service with my professional career and they would work together as opposed to one taking time from the other. There are additional personal reasons, which motivate me to pursue this path, but I would like to make clear that my individual reasons have really nothing to do with the present Prosecutor.

As I have talked with various citizens of our great county, I have become aware of numerous recurrent themes in support of my candidacy. 1. I am more than Mark Luoma. -- My personal feeling is that there is some probable merit to this feeling, however, I am quite sure that there is little difference between Mr. Luoma and myself when it comes to whether we are loving husbands/fathers, whether we are committed to public service, whether we are qualified or intellegent, or "pretty good guys". That said, I am different than Mr. Luoma. I have a different temperment, and personality. I believe that I am more