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The Fourth of July was a great success for us!!! We had a great turnout for the parades, and we had a great time greeting old friends and making new ones!! My campaign workers actually helped us construct two full separate floats and we were able to be in two separate parades! The Trenary Fourth of July celebration kicked off a little earlier than the Munising event and this allowed us the chance to actually attend both events.

Supporters were there every step of the way too. Actual construction of the floats took about a week and a half to two weeks and many people were involved in the planning, construction, and participation in the parade events. We have some pictures of the construction and I will post them as soon as they are developed. Check back here to see them!!

The floats looked great and enthusiasm was high! Once the music started and things started to roll, we really got into the excitement. It was a great chance for people to see me and also to see and show support for my candidacy. I was able to get out and meet a large number of people and shake their hands.